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Acupuncture courses

A great career choice is found when completing one of the acupuncture courses found online. Here is a good example of one we could recommend. It is one of the acupuncture courses on offer at Bodyharmonics. Maria Mercati the proprietor is a confident and knowledgable woman who has worked her way up from the bottom, travelling throughout the far east to study with the masters directly.

She did much of her learning at Shandong University in China where she takes her students once a year for the experience. Apart from acupuncture, Bodyharmonics also teach tuina (Chinese massage), Indonesian massage and Thai massage - all great complementary therapies to acupuncture.

When choosing a teacher, it is important to find one that has been instrumental in running a practice on a daily basis, and has been involved in getting their own experiences. This will help you to get the best start when you come to run your own practice. There are many courses run by overly academic schools with a self exaggerated view of their own importance. Choose wisely and find a real therapist who knows the ropes.

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